Why visit Hilo? To shop, of course

13 12 2009

Hawai’i Nui means Great Hawai’i. The Hawaiian Islands are a great place to visit, from the Garden Island of Kaua’i to the Big Island of Hawai’i. This is the sixth post in a series of opinion pieces on the question, “What makes Hilo worth a special trip?”

Reason #6. Hilo is home to Hawaii’s most authentic shopping experiences.

Shopping is top of mind for almost everyone in December.   Hilo is where Big Island residents go when they want to make their money go the furthest, and where visitors go when they want to shop the authentic Hawai’i.

Shopping in Hilo is worth the trip any time of the year.  We have a wide range of shopping venues, from national chains to mom-and-pop stores.  If you can’t get it in Hilo, you probably don’t need it.

For a truly unique shopping experience, park along King Kamehameha Avenue near the Farmers’ Market.  Some of my favorite stores for holiday gift-giving include:

  • Basically Books — this family-owned independent bookstore boasts a terrific selection for gift giving, souvenirs, and reference for residents
  • Abundant Life Natural Foods & Cafe — wonderful groceries and and assortment of “chewy-crunchy” books and gifts
  • Dragon Mama — The natural fiber shop features beautiful futons, tatamis, Japanese textiles and bedding
  • Sig Zane — Couture, Big Island Style.  Fabric designs are inspired by native plants, and styles are authentically local.  This is the place for real Alohawear, the kind that you can wear with pride anywhere in the world.

Enjoy your visit to the Big Island of Hawai’i.  Hope you make it to visit the fairest little city in the Pacific.


With my hanai nephew at a formal ocasion on the Very Big Island of England, proving that Alohawear from Sig Zane in Hilo goes anywhere in the world!




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